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Welcome to Patriot Rising!

Posted 09/13/2013 6:13 am by


Welcome! We are in pre-launch mode, adding content to the site and gathering information.


I know there isn’t much here right now, but with some hard work — and YOUR help — we aspire to make this website a resource hub for all things news, blog posts, opinions, tips & tricks, basic how to guides and much more — all on a daily basis.


The easiest way to help us out is if you already run a blog or website. We will be hand-picking all of our content, linking to other blogs, sharing information — and within reasonable time, posting more and more unique content and finally doing some giveaways to celebrate. If you want to send in content to be considered for posting, please use matt [-at-] patriotrising.com.


Please check back often, and thank you for your patience as we get everything set up!

Do you enjoy reading Patriot Rising? Even $1 a month or $5 a month recurring donation keeps Patriot Rising going strong. If you can afford that amount recurring, please give it consideration!
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