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Home Defense Shotgun with ATI Components (VIDEO)

Posted 10/09/2013 8:21 pm by

I have many early warning systems in place to thwart home intruders, dogs being the most effective in my opinion.  Yet if somehow the evil doers make it past my lights, locks, punji stick pits, triple strand concertina wire, drones, spitting llamas, alarm(s) and my dogs they will have succeeded in winning some face to face time with me and my 12 gauge pump action shotgun.  While it is true that I have other firearms at my disposal (I did write about a bedside holster for my pistol) if I heard a bump in the night and had the time my first instinct would be to reach for my 12 gauge.  Massive knockdown power  without the worry of over penetration (into a neighbor’s home) make the Mossberg my number one choice for in home protection against thugs.  Still in its standard configuration there left some things to be desired.


In the OEM setup there is no light on the system, no way to hold extra shells and firing from the hip utilizing the “hog leg” configuration isn’t exactly the best method for obtaining accuracy or managing recoil.  Fortunately the folks over at Advanced Technology International (ATI) were willing to help me achieve a better (modified) platform which was more suited for home defense.  In the video I go over two products which they provided:  The Mossberg Talon Tactical Shotgun Stock and Forend and the Mossberg Halo Side Saddle Shell Holder.  I discuss the benefits of adding these components to a standard shotgun versus leaving it in a stock configuration.  I also go over an unexpected modification i had to do in order to mount my Streamlight TLR-1s.

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