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How Obamacare Kills the 1st Amendment on January 1, 2014

Posted 10/16/2013 8:44 pm by


The First Amendment to the United States Constitution is fairly clear as to the intent, reason, and logic behind its inception and meaning:


For those of you in Apopka and Sanford, Florida, sorry, that is “cursive” and it is not my fault your government sponsored educators did not provide you with a proper education to read the Constitutional Amendment as pictured above.


The question most of you are asking about this moment in time, is how does Obamacare destroy the 1st Amendment from the Bill of Rights? Alas, we the people, and I the Libertarian Battling Bastard of the Blogosphere can not take credit for blaming Obama for this as that honor belongs in its eternal glory to this man:


Apparently the NSA’s threat to release a sex party video with a goat, donkey, various tropical birds,  and Sotomayor was enough to convince Justice John Roberts to effectively abandon the United States Constitution and create law out of thin air which empowers the nation’s taxation authority to enforce the “fines” passed within the Affordable Care Act as a tax, thus not only changing the definition of the law via judicial decree, but in fact creating a new branch of Constitutional restrictions which many have failed to understand as a direct assault on the Bill of Rights and individual freedoms via interpretation and regulatory creation powers embedded within the original legislation.


On January 1, 2014, this website, and thousands of others who have any common sense, along with radio broadcasters and others had best silence their criticism of the ACA, aka, Obamacare or face the threat of black body armored thugs busting in their front doors and shooting their small pets, children or quite possibly themselves. That power was not an act written within the structure of Obamacare or various regulations itself, but within the IRS code, an often ignored outlet which avails itself to an abuse of power by a dictatorial President if he or she so decided to engage in such an action.

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