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Poisonous Plants to Avoid While Scavenging for Free Food

Posted 10/25/2013 1:22 pm by


poisonous plants

A good regional book


The following is a fairly complete list of the more common poisonous plants.  Now some of you may wonder why plants like skunk cabbage, choke cherry and even rhubarb are on this list.  It is because these plants and some others on the list have parts that are poisonous or may need to be treated in some manner to neutralize the poisons.  For instance, rhubarb leaves are poisonous, but you can eat the stalks.  Choke cherry pits and leaves are poisonous, but the berry is not.


Some of the other plants shown on this list are medicinal plants and used correctly can treat many illnesses.  An example would be foxglove from which digitalis is made.

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