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12 Ways to Boost Your Energy Quotient

Posted 11/04/2013 4:20 am by


This website is all about survival.  That said, survival can mean different things to different people or even to the same people within the context of different circumstances. Still, in it’s most basic definition, survival is defined as: the act or fact of living.

At Backdoor Survival, we take things beyond basic living. We plan for unexpected emergencies, we prep for disasters, and we mentally challenge ourselves to deal with uncertain times. But not everything we do has to do with crisis management. Sometimes we simply gather up the tools of daily life and come up with the very best way to get by and to cope with the challenges of daily life.

energy quotient survival

One of those challenges, especially during these uncertain times, is having sufficient energy to get through the day with time left over for a bit of relaxation or, as I like to call it, nourishment for the soul.

Today I propose a dozen great energy boosters that can help you avoid fatigue and give you that extra boost and oomph to experience life in a healthy, wide-awake, alert and joyful manner.

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