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A Fall Gardening: A Guide To Growing Cold-Weather Vegetables

Posted 11/04/2013 5:28 am by

Photo Source: The Sleuth Journal

I always say that Gardening is a VITAL prepping skill. Many people think it’s as easy as dropping seeds in the ground and watch them grow, it’s not that simple, right?  In a long term situation most if not all of your initial food preps will be exhausted at some point.  In fact, I am one of those who believe that the food items that you prep in a “long term” situation, are there to get you by until your garden is fully functional and you and your family can survive eating from it. When this happens then your Garden is one of your “long term” food sources.  Remember, most people will eventually run out of their stored food, so you’ll need a solid plan for creating a sustainable food supply!


Fall Gardening is a skill that must be developed and enhanced if you are going to survive in a “long term” situation.  It goes without saying that you will still need nutrition that will get you through fall, winter and into late spring.  The Fall season is a wonderful time to further enhance your garden and Gardening survival skills.


I’m going to assume that you’ve done the initial work in terms of soil prepping for your garden area and/or raised beds.  This should have already been accomplished because you’ve most likely been gardening sometime from March to October.  Now is the time to further use those soil preps and get your fall crops into the ground.  Many of the fall veggies I’ll be discussing will even grow well into winter if you have a greenhouse or cold frame.   Once you get the experience you’ll be able to grow certain cold-hardy vegetables successfully endlessly through all seasons.

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