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Rights Fading Quickly: People being forced into Invasive Surgery & Internal Body Searches by Police

Posted 11/06/2013 4:59 pm by

Somehow this country has become to a place where most American’s seem totally willing to sit by and allow the country to slide into some weird 1984 police state mentality.


A news story that’s almost to bizarre to believe, but unfortunately is becoming commonplace in this country, has been making its rounds around the internet this morning.


Earlier this year a New Mexico tradesman, David Eckert, was stopped by police during a routine traffic stop; what followed was anything but routine.


When the man exited his car, police claim that it looked like he was, “clenching his buttocks”.  Apparently that’s all that’s needed in this country to give police probable cause to force a man to have invasive surgery.


Suspecting the man was hiding drugs, the police performed a search of the man’s body. When they found nothing, he was arrested and taken to the local hospital where he was:

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