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Your Home Survival Cache

Posted 12/11/2013 2:05 am by


Todd’s Note: This is a guest post by Troy Brooks. Troy discusses some helpful information on survival caches. After you read the article, please feel free to discuss your thoughts in the comments.


This is the first of a series of articles about caching.  Some consider it as the third most important tool a Survivalist or Prepper has. The first being knowledge of how to survive under any circumstance, the second is being in good enough physical condition to survive under any circumstance.


We’ll start with the Home Cache. The Home Cache is a supply of food and tools in the house (or other home) that would permit you to exist in your home for a determined amount of time if all outside support ends. If the grid goes down, communications are jammed or dead, the water is cut off, and fuel sources are gone. When would such an event happen? Surprisingly enough our standard of living is built on a thin egg shell, it could happen at any time by many different means.


To prepare for a storm or other disruption of living norms we need to lay in a supply of food, water, fuel, in the home that we (all those in our group or family) can survive for at least one month.  We can not continue to rely on the government to provide for us in 48 hours. This was made painfully evident in Hurricane Andrew. And then when the government did come in it was at best merely life sustaining. We should also consider protective gear which would include firearms and ammo.

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