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Is Self-Sufficiency Too Time-Consuming?

Posted 12/13/2013 3:28 pm by


Prepping and survival blogs, including this one, are replete with advice and commentary on all kinds of ways to be self-sufficient: grow your own food, raise chickens, install solar power, grind your own flour, and many other tasks. And self-sufficiency is certainly important to prepping. One or another disaster scenario might occur that would reduce our ability to obtain some of the necessities and/or comforts of life from commerce and society. But one of the problems with self-sufficiency is time; the more you move toward self-sufficiency, the more time you need to spend.


Now if you are aiming for a rural homesteading lifestyle, with as little dependence on others as possible, you might be happy with that trade-off: your time for self-sufficiency. But many preppers, myself included, don’t have that much time to spend. We have jobs and various obligations that prevent us from attaining full self-sufficiency or even a large measure of self-sufficiency. So what other options are there?

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