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Regulation Nation and our Inevitable Fate

Posted 02/08/2014 10:18 pm by

regulation nation, national debt, economic collapse

A guest post from Bennett at www.aretebiz.net


The rising tide floats all boats. That statement is a lie! The rising tide floats only those boats which are structurally sound and not leaking. The heavy hand of regulation and the iron fist of corruption is a destroyer of worlds.


A nation void of regulation would be a society operating on survival of the fittest, also known as the law of the jungle. A nation overburdened with regulation would be a nation that looks like the former USSR, also known as broke, desperate, poor, violent, and collapsing.


Broke, desperate, poor, violent, collapsing is not an image that has ever described the USA, until now. A regulation nation is a nation in decay and this seems to be our inevitable fate,

Here is why:

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