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Total Percent Of Fresh Water Remaining On The Surface Of The Earth Is Shockingly Small

Posted 02/11/2014 8:45 am by



Only 0.000067 of the total water on earth is available on the surface as non-saline fresh water in lakes and rivers.

That’s just 1/150th of one percent of the total water on the planet! 0.0067 percent.
That’s how precious our fresh water is from our rivers and lakes.

That tiny slice is put into perspective in the chart below…

But read this first and watch the percentage shrink…

Most of the water within the Water Cycle of the earth is saline (salt) in the oceans.
In fact, 96% of all water on the planet is this way.

Of the remaining 4 percent of the earth’s total water (the ‘fresh’ water), most of it is unavailable and locked up in ice caps and glaciers (68.7 percent).


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