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Ten Tips for Getting Started With Chickens

Posted 02/14/2014 8:19 am by

Chicken tractor


My husband and I have been keeping chickens for the last seven years, and we’ve learned a lot in the process.  You can jump-start your own chicken learning curve by planning around these top ten tips.

Don’t use an old-fashioned coop-and-run combo.  Chicken tractors are a great way to house chickens and provide fresh grass for small flocks.  For larger flocks (especially if you have a rooster), I recommend a rotational chicken pasture.

Chickens shouldn’t stink and you shouldn’t have to handle fresh manure.  If you make a chicken tractor and move it daily, the manure issue takes care of itself.  In a permanent coop, we’re big fans of deep bedding, a system in which you keep topping off the floor of the coop with straw, leaves, or other organic matter whenever manure builds up.  The result is a warm compost pile on the floor of the coop that smells good, provides your chickens with supplemental food, and fertilizes your garden.  Choosing the right chicken watererwill also keep the mess factor way down.

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