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Bulletproof Vest State Laws in the US for Civilians

Posted 02/19/2014 9:43 am by


Prior to buying any particular type of body armor in the USA, one should understand the laws on this matter. Although it’s mostly legal to wear body armor for civilians across the US, there might be some locations with certain restrictions.

The US government, as well as local state governments, has set particular limitations on body armor purchase for particular persons. Thus, taking time to find out if you are allowed to buy body armor in your particular area is quite useful. Make sure to do your homework, because you’ll be the one responsible for possessing and wearing body armor. The best way to do it is talk to your local authority on the subject.

For example, Connecticut does not permit residents to buy or sell body armor, in case it is purchased in any other way, except in an actual retail store. Connecticut authorities are allowing law enforcement officers, military, and police depts. to buy body armor online, but in order to make it in a legal manner, it is necessary to meet certain requirements. Make sure to find out all the requirements to make a legal body armor purchase in this state.

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