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The 2% Solution to Prepper Paralysis

Posted 02/24/2014 1:45 am by

By Todd Walker

Stuck in a paralyzing paradigm? Want to improve your skills but feeling overwhelmed?


If so, 2% is your solution.


The American Heritage Dictionary defines paradigm as…


“A set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constitutes a way of viewing reality for the community that shares them”


Paradigm and mindset are closely related. The emphasis on paradigm is geared towards our preparedness community. Mindset, for our purposes, will focus on the individual.


According to the Oxford American Dictionary, mindset is…


“an established set of attitudes held by someone”


Many believe mindset determines actions. Hipster life-coach gurus tell you to get your mind right before tackling a new skill, shedding pounds, or reaching goals. Your body follows your head.


This theory may sell books, but will it work in the real world?


Too often people believe they have to get mentally ready to start doing the stuff. A common result of information overload is prepper paralysis – drowning in a sea of knowledge.


It’s not complete gobbledygook that our thoughts determine our actions. However, I have found that my actions determine my mindset – for good or bad.


The act of doing a new skill or honing an existing one builds confidence in your ability. This cycle creates a circle, if you will, with no beginning or end. However, your circle remains broken until you take the first step… Action! Thoughts won’t get the job done.


Think of it this way…



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