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23 Ways To Be More Self-Sufficient: Survive/Thrive Now & If The SHTF

Posted 03/09/2014 2:54 am by


1. Drill a water well and install a hand pump.


2. Set up a rainwater collection system to gather rainwater for watering your garden, and for drinking in emergencies (when filtered!).


3. Start a vegetable garden. If space doesn’t allow, consider vertical gardening and planting in pots and containers.


4. Start a compost heap and recycle all your plant based food waste, and waste from your garden into compost to feed your garden.


5. If you have a vegetable garden, learn how to can and preserve your crops, to enjoy them out of season.


6. Learn how to save seeds from your vegetable crops, for planting next year. Saves money now, and if the SHTF, there won’t be anymore seeds to purchase!


7. Lots of herbs, spices and plants have medicinal properties, start growing your own medicines. Purchase a book on how to make your own home remedies from them.


8. Learn basic/emergency first aid – this can save you money in the short term, and save your life if no one is coming to help if the SHTF. At the very least, purchase and emergency first aid book.


9. Learn to fish, get some gear and start catching some fish to eat.


10. If you live close to a river or lake, learn how to catch crayfish (they are abundant, easy to catch and taste delicious).



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