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Top 10 Reasons for Home Canning

Posted 03/09/2014 2:30 pm by



10. Bragging rights – Sure, this may be a little petty but who are we kidding? Humans love to say “I did this!” and have their efforts appreciated and enjoyed. A little dose of envy can be a good thing, too. It may inspire someone else to start jarring food so they too can say “I did this!”

9. Aesthetically pleasing – Who doesn’t like seeing brightly colored jars of garden goodness (meats too!) greeting you when open the cupboard or pantry doors? Even in the dead, dark, cold of Winter, the sight of the jars always make me smile. It also gets me thinking about the next growing and hunting seasons which help to get out of the Winter funk. Here at the end of this particularly odd season, thinking ahead and anticipating the next turning of the cycles is great therapy.

8. Superior food product – For those who are in ‘the know,’ you already understand that jarred foods taste better. They are not usually filled with chemicals or preservatives that are used commercially. Nutritional values and vitamin retention levels tend to be higher than commercially canned or jarred foods.

7. It’s “Green” – In America’s consumer driven, plastic “disposable” society, the idea of reusing the same containers over and over to process food in is almost a lost notion. Even if the jars can no longer be used for processing food due to a chip in the rim, they can still be used for years. I use jars with chips in them for making candles with. I reuse a lid and save dented bands as well since all you are doing with the candle is making sure dust and dirt get into it. The soon-to-be husband uses them for his tinkering nuts and bolts or other little odds bits at his work table.

6. Makes great (inexpensive) gifts – While not everyone likes getting jarred food from grandma, most will not turn down a half pint of homemade jams and jellies. I am lucky to live in an area with blueberries, huckleberries, and salmon berries that grow wild in huge swaths of land – all free for the taking! With a dozen or so ‘nieces and nephews’ running around, it is easy to get them to pick with the promise of a jar for themselves. Forget to get someone a birthday present? How about Christmas, or a family function? Just pull out of those little jars of goodness and your praises will be sung by all!

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