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7 Badass Weapons You Can Make At Home

Posted 03/11/2014 4:41 pm by

7 Badass Weapons You Can Make At Home


homemade weapons

In a SHTF situation, you’re likely going to need a way to protect yourself.


Weapons, though very useful, are also a lot of fun, especially when you can make them yourself.


With a multitude of DIY weapon techniques mastered and under your belt, you will never be without the ability to be armed or entertained.


Check out these 7 badass weapons you can make at home.


Click the links for full instructions!


1. PVC Pipe Compound Bow



This instructional video shows step by step how to make a compound bow from inexpensive, readily available materials. Anyone can do it if you have some patience and are willing to try. This is a good project for anyone who wants to get into archery with a compound bow but doesn’t want to pay for such an expensive item. Or you could just make it to learn about how these types of bows work and gain experience working with this sort of thing.

PVC Pipe Compound Bow Instruction Video



2. Mini Cannon



This is how to make a mini combustion cannon sized to fire airsoft pellets. The only materials required are a BBQ lighter, a few screws, epoxy or other strong glue, and a drill.



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