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Two Factors To Help Your Decision to Bug In or Bug Out

Posted 03/11/2014 7:54 am by


There are many factors to consider when bugging in and bugging out, but it all comes down to two.

When a disaster threatens, you must make the choice of whether to flee or stay in place. To make this important decision, you need to ask yourself two important questions:

1. Do you have everything that you and your family need to survive?

When you are bugging in, ultimately you take the chance of being on your own for an extended period of time. It could be 2 weeks, a month or longer, and it’s all on you. Moreover, the climate you live in could play a part in your decision to bug in or out. If you have to leave your home and bug out on foot in the dead of winter, you could be setting yourself up for hypothermia and frostbite.

Keep in mind that with respect to major natural disasters, water sources are usually questionable following a disaster, fuel is scare, shelf stable food supplies are scarce and supply trucks are delayed, flooding and damage to homes could be a problem, and home invasions are also at the forefront. If you don’t have the supplies, tools and skills needed to live on your own for at least a two week or longer period, then you should consider finding shelter elsewhere. Check out the 52 weeks to Preparedness to get ideas and lists of what preps you need for short and long term emergencies.

Note: To determine whether or not you are adequately supplied, consider simulating and “off grid” weekend and live off of your preps to see how well equipped you are. This will help you find any “holes” that happen to be in your preparedness supplies and, no doubt you may find areas where you need to bulk up.

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