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Security From Electronic Monitoring, What to Look For

Posted 03/19/2014 12:22 pm by



Today many of us are on an electronic leash of some kind, most of the day.  The most common being the cell phone, but it can be computers or video cams or even land line phone.  This leash means that we have a security issue.  Any of these devices can be used to monitor your activities.

In the old days servants made great spies, because they were around so much that people forgot about them and would talk in front to them, they became another piece of furniture.  Today we look at our electronic devices the same way.  They are always there and we don’t think about security.

Take the common cell phone, in just a few minutes search on the internet I found several sites that advertised  “powerful cell phone spy and tracking software that lets you monitor ALL the activities of any iPhone, Blackberry or Android phone”.  They even let someone  look at the GPS locator on your phone to determine your location.  Basically, they let someone see everything that goes on your phone; you have almost no personal security.

It is not as easy to listen to cell phones with a scanner as it used to be.  The new scanners block the cell phones bands and most phone calls are encrypted.  But it is still possible to listen to some calls if you have an old scanner.

So what do you do to keep people off your phone?  First of all, know where it is at and who has access to it.  Most of the apps have to be installed directly on to your phone and the installer has to have possession of the phone.  There are some newer apps that claim to allow monitoring with applications installed remotely into the phones.  But it is my understanding that these are hard to use and don’t work well.  But you never know what the government has, plus there is the NSA.

For the applications to work the phone has to have internet access, so some older phones are safer to use.  But still be careful monitoring techniques are always improving.

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