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10 Things ’Idiocracy’ Predicted Would Happen, and Sadly Already Have

Posted 04/03/2014 10:36 pm by

By Cory Dudak | Mandatory

By now, most of us have seen or at least heard of the movie “Idiocracy,” which centers around two ordinary people being frozen and waking up 500 years in the future, only to realize that instead of evolving as a society, mankind has become substantially dumber as a whole. Of course, we’d like to think that would never happen in a million years, let alone 500. By and large, it does seem extremely unlikely, yet some of the film’s notions of where we’re to end up are already on the fast track to becoming reality. What follows are ten shining examples of human devolution.

Legitimate Businesses Peddling Smut

In the film, major corporations such as Starbucks, H&R Block, and yes, even Google if you look close enough, offer up adult services to accompany their regular services. Of course, in real life, Google has always been against porn, nudity and even foul language, but with the onset of their new product, Glass, they are having a hard time stopping it. Glass is essentially a cell phone you wear on your face, and while they don’t want it used for pornography, they sort of forgot that there were no restrictions when it came to users shooting their own with the product. Hence, Google porn.


This one was a fairly obvious dig on society as it already was when the movie came out, but it’s gotten way worse since. You virtually can’t go anywhere without being bombarded by advertisements, and it’s only going to continue to get worse and more prevalent as technology advances. Think about it, when was the last time you watched a YouTube video, surfed the Internet in general, or even watched television for more than five minutes without some product being pushed in your face? Heck, even phonidiocracy billboard, tarrlytonse apps are loaded with them if you aren’t specifically paying them not to.

Profanity in Advertising

In “Idiocracy,” there are quite a few advertisements and even company names themselves that use profanity to hawk their products (“ButtFuckers” being the standout). Carl’s Jr.’s slogan in the film is “Fuck You! I’m Eating!,” and then there’s this guy (pictured left). While we’re not quite there yet in terms of just blatantly cussing at people to sell stuff, if you listen to the radio on any sort of regular basis, you’ve probably heard ads for Frank’s Red Hot touting “I put that **** on everything.” And even more recently, Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market has taken it to the next level, inching us ever closer to the film’s dystopian vision.



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