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How to Build a Comfortable Outhouse

Posted 04/03/2014 3:02 pm by


Yesterday I talked about sanitation; today I want to continue this subject by talking about outhouses.  When I was young I lived in two different homes that had outhouses and I am somewhat familiar with them.


An outhouse does not have to be the stinky mess that most people imagine and what you often see in poorly maintained parks.


Building an outhouse is not complex.  All it takes is digging a 3-5 foot deep hole and placing a simple wood shack over it. Now you add a fully enclosed bench inside with a hole for seating.


The average outhouse is about 4′ x 4′ square and 7′ tall.  The bench, or seat, should be about 2′ wide and 2′ high, and completely closed in. The hole should be about 10″-12″ in diameter.


Place your outhouse about 50′-150′ away from the house and further from your water source.  It is best if the outhouse is down hill from your water source.  Outhouses should be located away from areas that may get soggy or flooded in heavy rains.



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