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A Collection Of Survival and Prepping Tips

Posted 04/03/2014 3:09 pm by

What I am going to share here is just tips that can be filed away for the time they are needed. Some may not work in your area or be applicable, but hopefully there will be something useful for everyone who spends time reading this. Some deal with gear and simple things you can do to improve your situation, others are skills.


I am a firm believer that learning skills is the best preparation anyone can make. Knowledge to me means information you can learn from a book, to make it a skill you have to actually learn it hands-on. Better yet do it repeatedly until it is easy. Knowledge is far better than nothing, but I’d encourage anyone reading this to go the extra step and turn what you can into a skill. Skills learned cannot be taken away by anyone and are always with you, whatever the situation.


These are in no particular order, because if you all are like me you will just skip to the section you are most interested in and forget all the others. No such luck, I’m going to make you read it all if you are interested in any of it.



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