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Bamboo Basics for Preppers – Making Chopsticks

Posted 04/04/2014 8:47 am by



This is the first in a series of articles in which we’ll learn how to make some tools out of bamboo, including chopsticks, tent stakes, a pot, toothpicks, a spatula, and even a knife. To learn a few basics of working with bamboo we’ll start with an easy project — making chopsticks.

Bamboo is not just for prepping. You’ll find many uses for this valuable resource even if you never live to see doomsday. It is light, strong, versatile, and easy to work. It provides shade, shelter for man and wildlife, tools, and even food. It grows rapidly and is an easily renewable resource. I use it to make trellises in the garden, as a framework for rudimentary shelters, as a fishing pole; I’ve even used it as temporary poles to string lights for an outdoor party. Friends and neighbors often ask to cut a few poles for some project or another.

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