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Survival Tactics: Dealing With APCS

Posted 04/07/2014 12:38 am by


When it was announced that the Department of Homeland Security had acquired some 2,700 armored and mine-resistant vehicles, the news was met with an understandable level of fear. Even if the DHS didn’t misuse them, what would guarantee that some hotshot somewhere on the food chain wouldn’t grab a couple if a nationwide disaster situation began to escalate? Furthermore, for many average people an APC is actually very intimidating. Whether it is equipped for battle with machine guns or for riots with a powerful water cannon, the armored bulk of these vehicles is practically engineered to strike fear into people, particularly if they’re used to transport additional reinforcements into a tense situation. Like any threat however, these can be overcome with the proper preparations. Not only will this remove the practical benefit to whatever looter or rogue enforcement officer managed to steal one, but it will also assist you in overcoming the natural fear involved in seeing these fearsome machines.


Disclaimer. I do not advocate any illegal activity. These techniques are designed only for a total breakdown of law and order. All devices should be checked to ensure they comply with local, state and Federal laws.



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