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Top 10 Dumbest Gun Quotes by Politicians!

Posted 04/28/2014 3:26 pm by


I don’t do to many of these, but every now and then it is good to have these just for fun articles. As most people know there are many politicians who make laws either based on emotion or things they have no idea about.  One of the biggest areas we see this today is when making gun control laws.  I will admit there are probably those on the pro gun side that don’t really know about guns as well because they may be Washington bureacrats, but they are also not the ones needing to justify logically the reasons for restricting rights.  So I have compiled a list with videos of what I think are the dumbest things that politicians for gun control have said in the past.  I have also added some funny memes that poke fun at these politicians.  Most all of them are because of their incompetence about knowledge of guns while making laws, but there are also a few that are dumb as they are very hypocritical and do not practice what they preach.  I hope this gives you a laugh, but also shows you some of the incompetence in Washington when making laws.  If we see the incompetence here just on things as fairly simple as guns what other incompetence do you think there is when they make laws regarding much more complex issues including finance, healthcare, the economy and a host of other problems?  As self defense is one of the main pillars of prepping I feel this is very relevant to the prepping community as many are gun owners and realize that their safety and ability to defend is helped by having a gun as one of their many tools.



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