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10 Tornado Signs

Posted 04/30/2014 1:42 am by

tornado signs

What are the signs of a tornado?


How do you know when a tornado is be forming or approaching?


Here are 10 signs that a tornado may be imminent:



1. When looking at the bottom of the cloud base. Beware if you see that it is actually rotating (even if slowly), rather than just gliding along.


2. Look for a lowering of the storm cloud base to what is called a wall cloud, a large lowering cloud formation. This is a potential tornado sign.


3. If you notice an area of whirling dust debris above the ground (similar to a ‘dust devil’ but bigger), and it is beneath a large storm cloud base, it may be a tornado sign – one may have already formed but is still up in the cloud.


4. If you are in a storm with heavy rain and hail, and it suddenly stops and becomes eerily quiet, it may be a sign of an impending rain-wrapped tornado.


5. An intense wind shift after the dead-calm is a further sign.



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