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Bug Out Planning and Communication

Posted 04/30/2014 1:47 am by

Bug Out Planning and Communication

Bugging out might not be as simple as going from point A to point B. You could find that the hardest part is getting everyone together and on the same page just to get to the point where you can bug out, this is why bug out planning and communication is so important.


Think of it like spending the day with the family at the amusement park, if you have the whole family at the amusement park and you are getting ready to go. You know where the car is, and you know where the exit is, but before you leave you need to round everyone up. So what do you do? Do you search around the park looking for everyone, which leads to lost time and frustration?


If you have a plan in place before hand you can tell everyone “we are meeting here at 4:00 so you better be here” you have a better shot at getting everyone together when it’s time to go. I say a better shot because very rarely does everyone show up when and where they are supposed to, teenagers get distracted pretty easily. It could be a pretty girl, they don’t know the quickest route back or their head is just in the clouds and they lost track of time.



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