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Essential Alternative Cooking Tools for Preppers and Survivalists

Posted 05/04/2014 11:26 pm by

Josh with Solar Oven

As preppers and survivalists we need to be prepared for many different types of situations.  If there were to be a total collapse having your food storage would be extremely beneficial, but it doesn’t do you any good if you have no way to cook it. Here are some alternative ways to cook your storage food, that may not be conventional, but do not require any liquid fuel or gases that may be hard to come by during a collapse scenario. Not only are these alternative cooking devices cheap, but they can be made to be very durable.


Solar Oven


  • Solar Ovens are great because they rely only on the sun to cook food, they can be made very easy, and they are passive (you can leave the food to cook, unlike a burner). Even if you are to run out of propane or gas for your bbq grill, conventional stove or camping stoves you would at least have something to cook a couple meals a day with no use of fuel other than the sun. They are also quite good for slow cooking as they cook at lower temperatures than your standard oven this means very juicy and tender meats like you would get from a crockpot.
  • A solar oven can be made with some very basic materials including cardboard, aluminum foil, duct tape, some small pieces of wood and a piece of Plexiglass or a Fresnel lens.  There are many different styles even some made from old satellite dishes.  You can make one with the many kits and plans on the market, but there are many types you can buy as well.
  • Some of the downsides to solar ovens are that they do not work at night or on a very cloudy day.   They normally will take two to three times longer to cook than a standard gas or electric oven as they cook at lower temperatures (usually 300 degrees or less).


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