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I Choose Not To Be A Victim

Posted 05/05/2014 1:05 pm by


Paul, 52, was sitting in the driver’s seat of his vehicle in a hospital parking lot when a stranger approached and started to get into the passenger’s seat. Paul quickly pulled out his handgun and pointed it at the attempted carjacker. “They said he didn’t have a weapon but I didn’t know that, you don’t have time to think about it. … You’re either a victim or you’re not,” said Paul. “I chose not to be a victim.” He held the man at gunpoint until police arrived. The 33-year-old man had been cited earlier that day for disorderly conduct after pounding on the door of a stranger’s home. He was arrested and charged with attempted carjacking, as well as with tampering with a fire alarm.
(WBZ-TV, Nashua, NH)

Billy, 78, was at home when he heard his wife scream. McCall grabbed his .380-cal. handgun and went to his wife’s aid. He found that a man had forced his way into their home and seized his wife in a choke hold. The armed intruder fired at Billy striking him in his stomach. Billy returned fire, causing the intruder to flee. The assailant was later dropped off at a local hospital where he died. He had sustained gunshot wounds to his abdomen, leg and chest. Billy is reported to be in stable condition and is expected to survive the gunshot wound he sustained during the home invasion. His wife was reportedly uninjured.
(Independent Mail, Anderson, SC)

Gareth was asleep with his wife shortly before midnight when he heard a loud bang inside their home. An intruder had gained entry to their home by using a tree branch to break in through a bedroom window. Gareth realized there had been a break-in and retrieved his handgun. He discovered the intruder in the hallway outside of their bedroom. Gareth was forced to fire when his repeated warnings went unheeded. The intruder’s wounds proved fatal. Gareth and his family were not injured.
(Dallas Morning News, Cedar Hill, TX)



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