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7 Reasons to Attend a Preparedness Fair

Posted 05/06/2014 4:07 pm by

…and how to find them


Last week I immersed myself in the local emergency preparedness expo hosted by my church. I say immersed because it’s pretty much taken over my life! This was a two day event with over 60 presentations and 30 booths. I’m in charge of social media, so I’ve had the opportunity to talk and learn from wonderful people who have donated their time to help others get prepared.

7 Reasons to Attend a Preparedness Fair and how to find them | PreparednessMama



Over the next few weeks I will be sharing the things I’ve learned. Today I want to discuss the benefits of going to a preparedness fair.  Have you even been to one?


There are two types of fairs and they each have their purpose


You may find commercial ones hosted by major vendors and presented in big expo halls. These will have many vendor booths selling their products and possibly a few classes to attend. These expo’s are great for finding new products and comparing items you are thinking about buying. You might get information on the latest tech charging gadget, be able to compare various 72 hour kit items and sample different food storage vendors, pretty much anything that might be preparedness related (and some that are a stretch!) will be presented for your viewing at a commercial fair.


What is the difference between a Fair, Show or Expo? Turns out, not much- they are interchangeable. See a description of the similarities here.


Community fairs will be smaller in size and have a bigger emphasis on education. These will be less about product sales and more about information. You will see your local Emergency Management departments there, as well as the Red Cross. Most likely the information presented will be specific to the area you live, so you aren’t going to find classes on earthquake preparedness if you live in tornado alley.



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