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Ammo Storage DOs and DON’Ts

Posted 05/16/2014 2:04 am by

Before a time of serious crisis, the survivalist should start collecting ammunition for every firearm that they own or intend to take with them. Given the nature of social collapse, it is best to avoid drawing attention to yourself while building your ammunition supply. You will also need to exercise caution in practicing skills, and buying other defense items that may be needed later on.


Buying Ammunition, Equipment and Tools


Make a point to buy your ammunition a little at a time each payday; and also buy your ammunition at many different stores instead of just one. If you purchase the ammunition at a gun show, shop around for the best price. A lot of times people buy name brands out of habit instead of looking at all of the brands.


Research the ammunition manufacturers, and keep a running list of price comparisons. In many cases other brands are cheaper, but their standards of manufacture are at the same level as the brand names. Buy some to test in your weapons to see which works the best. You can also buy ammo by phone, order blank, or on the internet, and then have it shipped to you by freight. Remember, though, there will always be an address trail through the shipper or the seller that reveals your purchase.


Even if the transaction goes through smoothly, a raid on the seller’s shipping books or detailed financial/banking transactions can reveal your information and trigger an investigation, especially if it is defined as illegal in your area.


No matter where you buy ammo from, here are some important things not to do:


Do not buy ammunition that has a box date over 10 years old, Do not buy if the box or carton is ripped, broken, or the seal is not intact, Do not buy loose ammunition that you personally have not checked over, Do not buy any ammunition at a super low discount price because you may be buying ammunition “seconds”, production rejects, or stolen inventory.



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