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Bugging Out with Pets

Posted 05/16/2014 2:25 am by


We talk about situations on the Prepper Journal and other survival blogs that are so drastic or life threatening that you are forced to gather vital supplies, throw them into your car or on your back and flee from your current location as quickly as possible. We call this act of leaving while you still can, Bugging Out. There are entire volumes of work devoted to the question of whether one should Bug Out or Hunker down. Even I have written on the subject behind the decisions you should consider when you are asking this question of yourself. Should you stay where you are or leave everything behind except what you can take with you, maybe on your back and run to a hopefully safer place?

When it comes to bugging out, we have to look at this from a couple of different perspectives, but I usually take the most pessimistic when making plans. As I was considering what was right for my family in just about any scenario I could imagine, the sensible thing for me seemed to be to hunker down right where I am. There are a lot of very good reasons why this seems to be the smarter choice, but I know that life is really good at throwing curve-balls at you and it is foolish to not plan for contingencies.



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