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Negligent Discharge while Cleaning a Firearm?

Posted 05/17/2014 2:15 am by

Robert Farago at “The Truth About Guns” has an interesting commentary here on the all-too-frequent claim that a person accidentally discharged a firearm while cleaning it. He’s skeptical that so many accidental discharges happen while cleaning the gun.


An accidental discharge (AD) while cleaning a gun is certainly possible. Farago points out that the Glock design requires you to pull the trigger in order to disassemble the gun for cleaning. How is that not a design flaw? BTW, I’m not a Glock fan. The original Glock design was innovative, but since then they have opted for as little innovation as possible.


Another source of AD is failure to clear the weapon. An inexperienced gun owner might remove the magazine, and forget to clear the chamber by cycling the action. A novice might cycle the action, then remove the magazine — that’s the wrong order. (I’ve seen that “method” of clearing a firearm in movies and TV shows, though.) Of course, cycling the action before removing the magazine will chamber a new round, if there is one in the mag.


But it just seems to me that there are too many claims of AD, especially by long-time gun owners. My suspicion is that, in some cases, a story of accidental discharge while cleaning the gun is simply a lie to cover up some type of more foolish behavior.



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