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How to Clean an AR-15 | Disassembly & Cleaning

Posted 05/19/2014 3:40 am by


We’ve seen a lot more interest in survival guns lately, especially AR-15′s. Have an AR-15 you love now, and need to know how to take care of it? Cleaning an AR-15 is relatively simple once you know what you are doing.

To clean an AR-15, you need to know these basics:


  • How to Disassemble your AR-15
  • How to Separate the Receivers
  • How to Disassemble the Bolt Carrier
  • How to Clean the Chamber
  • How to Clean the Bolt Lug Reccess Area

How to Effectively Clean and AR-15:


Supplies You Will Need:


  • small plastic tub
  • towel
  • ballpoint pen
  • powder solvent (aerosols like Gun Scrubber or Powder Blast work best)
  • carbon removal tool (optional, see recommendations below)
  • AR chamber brush

How To Clean An AR-15 | Disassemby and Cleaning Guide



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