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Choosing the Right Guard Dog for Survival: Part 2

Posted 05/20/2014 3:41 am by

In the previous article, we discussed the general criteria for selecting a particular breed of guard dog so now let’s get down to the different breeds and their strengths and weaknesses. We’re going to separate them primarily by Personal Guard and Livestock Guard, since those two personalities tend to run contrary in many ways. Obviously these are far from official and many of each kind can easily be both, but this distinction will focus on what the animal is best or most commonly suited for rather than what it absolutely must be used for.


Disclaimer: As always, check local laws and regulations concerning what breeds are appropriate for your area. Furthermore, always properly train and care for dogs, including ensuring an even temper and properly curbing destructive or harmful behavior.


Dogs primarily suited to guard people


These types do well in more confined areas and bond better with their human masters, though some still have enough energy to require frequent and lengthy walks. There is a danger with these breeds that they can be dulled somewhat by “babying” a guardian animal, curbing or destroying some of the guardian instincts that you want them to keep. Always try to maintain proper pack order when dealing with a guard dog so that it remains protective and knows its place in the hierarchy of your family.



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