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Why A ‘Battle Bag’ Should Be Part Of Your Survival Stash

Posted 06/03/2014 10:56 am by



The three-day bag, bug-out bag, get-home bag or whatever else you call it is one of the basic necessities of being a survivalist or prepper.


It covers food, water, shelter, first aid and some offensive and defensive capabilities. These offensive and defensive capabilities are often limited to a couple of extra magazines and possibly an extra sidearm.


The battle bag, though, is completely different. The battle bag, also known as the boom bag or the battle box, is something I learned about in Afghanistan. I was in a company level recon squad and we had an extremely battle-hardened staff sergeant who had served multiple tours in Iraq, including the battle for Fallujah. His word might as well have been the gospel. He made each team in our squad carry a boom bag. This boom bag was where we kept extra hand grenades, M203 40mm grenades, magazines, linked ammunition, and the occasional brick of C4. Each boom bag had a LAW rocket launcher strapped to the side of it.


Anything taken from these bags was replaced as soon as we got back to the base. Anytime we weren’t on patrol we were constantly assigned to the quick reaction force, also known as the QRF. We could grab those bags and go to war with enough power to level a small village.


Of course, most of us don’t have a LAW we can strap to our packs, or grenades, or C4, but the boom bag is still a great idea. The boom bag fits right beside the bug-out bag in your closet.



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