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Our Right To Free Speech And The War On American Liberty

Posted 06/13/2014 11:49 am by

the war on the first amendment

In the war on American liberty, the administration is using rogue executive power to drastically limit rights guaranteed under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.


The apparent purpose is to not only strangle free speech, but the right to free association and the right to assemble.


All of those elements of the First Amendment are essential to us in preserving and protecting the Second Amendment and all the rest…


What if you and I were told we could no longer use our assembled power to influence Congress or the executive branch?


What if we could not act as citizens joined in a cause to protect liberty at any level of government?


What if the government sought — under threat of criminal prosecution of perjury — lists of members or contributors, Internet passwords and usernames, emails, and lists of activities of family members?


What if the government then probed our personal political motives or asked what you said in your prayers?


What if information demanded by the government about us and what we believe became part of a huge big-brother database?


This is not fantasy. It is real, and it is now.
For scores of conservative grassroots groups that have applied for the non-profit grassroots tax status, it has been a nightmare.


Many have been waiting years for IRS consideration or approval while these individual citizens and groups have been subject to relentless interrogation about their motives and politics, along with endless demands for intrusive personal information.


For ‘progressives’, IRS not-for-profit status is granted in a virtual no-questions-asked process.


The IRS has been transformed into a political weapon under the current regime, and the administrations’ stonewalling congressional efforts to expose the depth of this scandal — are just business as usual.


Shelved until after the November 4th election (I wonder why…), the IRS has trotted out new ‘gag-rule’ regulations which would (will) criminalize any mention of any candidate’s name for any office, local, state or federal in any context during a political blackout period before any election.


After a huge outcry from organizations of all political stripe, the speech-strangling rules were postponed until after the November 4 elections. I guarantee this threat will begin anew if Obama keeps control over his U.S. Senate majority.


The current government regime has been using the IRS, the NSA, and other alphabet branches to wield it’s power as it continues to fight it’s war on American Liberty.


Only by exercising our free speech and free association rights to the fullest , can we return our nation to its guiding principles. We must organize as never before to elect a national legislature that honors and protects the entire Bill of Rights, including the First Amendment.

-Sentiment sourced from James W. Porter II, with emphasis and additional opinion added.
“AMERICA’S 1st Freedom” publication — SOURCE

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