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Simple Survival Tips Anytime You Are Stuck in the Wilderness

Posted 07/04/2014 3:07 pm by


Camping, hiking and even exploring mountains and woods can be exciting and thrilling, especially if you consider yourself an avid nature lover. Whenever you are planning to take a trip to the woods or a new environment altogether, there are a few survival tips for the wilderness that can ensure you stay safe, healthy and comfortable at all times, regardless of your location and surrounding climate.


Research Where You Plan to Visit


Any time you are planning to take a trip into nature, it’s essential to thoroughly research the area you want to visit, the climate as well as its overall environment. Having an understanding of the climate, type of insects and animals you may encounter as well as the various risks you may find is one of the best methods of preparing for a wilderness trip. Take note of the direction you are walking in any time you start on a trail to have a better understanding of where you need to go when returning home without getting lost.


Food and Water is Essential


Packing and traveling with enough food and water is essential any time you are out in the wilderness, whether you are in the woods near your home or trekking through wilderness you are not familiar with personally. Ensuring you have enough food storage and the ability to provide enough water for each person with you in the wilderness is imperative to guarantee survival. Packing extra emergency food and water is also recommended in case you find yourself lost or stranded for any reason. Having a gallon of water each day per person in your trip is ideal to stay hydrated and keep your body healthy, especially if you are walking and staying active throughout the day.



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