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15 Proven Ways To Protect Your Off-Grid Home From Wildfires

Posted 07/10/2014 11:55 pm by

15 Ways To Protect Your Off-Grid Home From Wildfires

By Tara Dodrill


Wildfire season is here. Every year, blazes started for a variety of reasons scorch hundreds, if not thousands, of acres around the country.


Brush fires, or wildfires, are one of the most dangerous types of blazes for firefighters to battle – and are especially dangerous for homesteaders and off-gridders in rural locations.


As previously noted by Off The Grid News, fire preparedness is perhaps one of the most neglected areas of homesteading families. Fires can double in size approximately once every 30 seconds to a minute. Dry brush and trees will catch fire quickly. Minor wind fluctuation can take you from a point of safety into the path of rapidly encroaching flames in a matter of seconds.


Here are 15 tips for protecting your home from wildfires:


1. Take stock of flammable materials around the home and auxiliary structures. Properly dispose of any necessary items in a timely manner. There are three categories of flammable materials — Class A, B and C. Class A flammables are common combustibles such as wood, paper and plastic. Class B items include grease and flammable liquids. Class C blazes are basically electrical fires which often stem from either Class A or B flammables. Understanding what types of fire you are most likely to be faced with is extremely important from a preparedness aspect.



2. Remove tree branches extending within 10 feet of the opening of a chimney.


3. Clear branches, leaves and pine needles out of gutters and off roof surfaces on a regular basis.


4. Wet the roof and sides of the home down with a garden hose during dry periods.


5. Place a screen comprised of non-flammable material over stovepipes or chimneys. The openings in the screen should not exceed half an inch, according to the National Interagency Fire Center.



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