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Redefining Bugging Out

Posted 07/14/2014 3:31 pm by

Redefining Bugging Out



Some of the survival blogs would have you believe that if you “bug-out” you are never coming back. Based on some of the recommended items that “absolutely” must be in your bag, it seems that some are having you pack as if you are going on vacation never to be seen again.


Extra clothing, extra shoes, heavy coats, empty the medicine cabinet into your bag and gather all of your toiletries. The lists go on and on before, you even get to shelter, food and water. Who is going to carry all of this, well you are of course?


Define Bugging Out


Bug-out is a military term coined, according to most experts, during the Korean War. It means to deploy rapidly from one position that is likely to be overrun by hostile forces to another more defensible position. Generally, units or even individuals moved to a pre-determined location. Units may or may not return to retake the position after bugging-out.


A bug-out bag is likely an adaptation of the “bail-out- bags” carried by military pilots and other personnel on a military aircraft. Once an aircraft is damaged to the point, it cannot be flown personnel on the craft bailed out before it crashed. Aircraft of course will also crash land, putting all members on the craft in a survival situation if it went down in a hostile area.


A bailout bag has survival items needed for personnel to survive on the ground. The bag is generally strapped to the body at all times while in the aircraft, and is relatively small. The survival gear allowed those that had to bail out to survive until reunited with allied forces. Personnel that bailed or had to crash land usually had to land navigate back to safe territory.


You as a Prepper in most if not all cases, will be relocating until your area of operations is no longer hostile. Once deemed safe you would return. Your bug-out location may only be a hotel a few miles up the road or a friend’s house in the next town over.


If a train derails in your community, for example, and it is carrying toxic chemicals, the authorities will issue evacuation orders. You have to leave to save your life, you need to “bug-out” until it is safe for you to return, but return you will. Where will you go, likely to a motel in a neighboring town or possibly to Red Cross or FEMA Shelters, or to a friend or relative’s home? Prepare based on where you will be relocating to.


Can you imagine a situation where you would not be able to come back, and would have to survive in the wilderness, and if you can imagine one, ask yourself is it likely to happen?



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