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DIY Survival Fishing Kit

Posted 07/23/2014 5:25 pm by


Whether you’ve bugged out or made the decision to bug in; fishing to feed yourself in a SHTF situation is an important skill to have. There are many ways to fish and methods vary depending on your location, type of water (fresh or salt), and the equipment you have. We’re going to take a look at my particular situation and also look at some DIY items to supplement your kit.


Fishing to survive is a risky choice because most of the time fishing is a time consuming task. So unless you’ve scored that proverbial “honey hole” with a never ending supply of fish; expending a lot of calories to put fish on the menu may not be the right choice. You will have to make the decision to fish or not based on the availability of other food sources. Once you have your fishing kit together make sure you know how to use it. Practice tying knots, try different casting methods, make a pole and learn where fish in your area like to hide. Take a weekend camping trip near some fishing spots and see if you can feed yourself with what you catch.


In my current location (SoCal) fishing would not be my best solution for a food source. I’m 25 to 50 miles away from any substantial fishing resources. I have located a couple of stocked ponds nearby but those would most likely get fished out quickly in a SHTF scenario. There are creeks and lakes with fish all within a 50 mile area which again isn’t a good option unless I’ve bugged out and could remain close to those areas. My best choice, which is one of my “never coming home again” bug out routes would be to head toward the ocean which is about 25 miles away.


Given my current location and fishing options close by I decided a minimal fishing kit would suffice for my bug out bag. When putting anything in my bug out bag the adage “Ounces equal pounds and pounds equal pain” always comes to mind. First thing to lose when putting a minimal fishing kit together is the rod and reel. They simply weigh too much and take up space. Store that equipment at your bug out location or if you have a fishing spot you are confident in you can always cache a fishing kit with poles. To put my minimal fishing kit together I decided to use the ubiquitous Altoids small tin. It met the requirements of being small enough to stash anywhere in my BOB or even a pocket, a secure lid to keep the contents contained and the size keeps me from filling it with stuff I don’t really need. The contents are listed below.



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