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Body Armor Myths and a Beginners Guide

Posted 08/14/2014 9:10 am by

Everybody knows about the existence of the so called bulletproof vest. It is a somewhat magical cloak that protects the wearer from any type of injury and bodily harm. In fact, while that may be true in some instances, this myth about body armor is of course nothing more than just that. Body armor, with i ts different properties and levels of protection based on the type that is worn will increase the chances of surviving an attack with a firearm and many more weapons, however, theeffectiveness of the vest really depends on the weapon used and the strength of the vest itself. Simply putting on any vest for any scenario is not a good idea. That is why beginners need to learn to assess their situation and learn a thing or two about the properties that the different kinds of body armors have, all while resisting the temptation of believing in the most common myths related to body armor.

Myth: Body Armor Equally Protects Against Bullets and Stabbing Weapons

Bullet proof vests are made from Kevlar. They are comprised of many individual layers that are constructed to keep out bullets and protect the wearer from being penetrated by potentially lethal rounds. Knives on the other hand are a different thing. The tips of knives are generally smaller than bullets and capable of penetrating some vests. In the end, however, it depends on the force that a knife attack is carried out with. Attacks carried out with more force require a higher level of stab protection. Every vest has one of three stab proof levels, with level 3 being the highest.

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