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Passengers overcharged after TSA hikes ‘security fees’

Posted 08/20/2014 10:29 am by

Airlines and ticket agents are warning that hundreds of thousands of travelers might be getting overcharged on airline tickets to Alaska, Hawaii, and foreign destinations because of computer problems related to higher Transportation Security Administration fees.


As the higher fees went into effect a month ago, Sabre Travel Network, the company that provides ticket prices to travel agents and online comparison sites, told the TSA the computer problems applied to about 150,000 tickets per month in its system and 300,000 tickets per month for all reservation systems, or about 1% of all tickets.


But the airlines and Sabre haven’t revealed how much money is at stake, or if anyone has indeed been overcharged.


The higher TSA fees took effect July 21, after Congress mandated them to help balance the budget.


The new fee is $5.60 for all flights, with any connection longer than four hours counting as a separate flight. The previous fee was $2.50 for any non-stop flight or $5 for any connecting flight.



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