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An Exercise in Self-Reliance

Posted 08/29/2014 8:51 am by

6781344149 fd43e03965 300x300 An Exercise in Self Reliance

On August 18 I received an email about a group ofSurvivalistnationwide going off the grid for the weekend of the 22 the 23 ,the 24.It said,no electric,no,cell,no Internet, no city water, no gas stations, no stores. My first thought was yes – Great idea! I believe in practice, and it is a great way to learn. In fact I learned by practice to walk my entire home in the dark, by practicing.

Let me tell you on Sept.8th I turn 73. About 25 years ago I lost my husband and my dad in the same week. It was very painful. I have 7 children,one adopted who is developmentally delayed, age 51 but tests age of 6 or 7. My homestead is 5 plus acres,rural private,S he lives with me.All my other kids live in different states and think I am a nut job,lol

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