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Here’s What Obama Can Tell Illegal Immigrants: Adios

Posted 09/08/2014 4:56 pm by

Chuck Todd made Barack Obama squirm on “Meet the Press” Sunday, asking the president what he’d say to illegal aliens facing deportation as a result of his decision to delay amnesty. How about “Hasta la vista”?


The president tried hard to convince the new host of NBC’s Sunday morning talk show that amnesty was merely a matter of making sure “all the t’s are crossed.”


Sounds good, but then he finally admitted that public polls signal a disaster for Senate Democrats in November if he issues an executive order granting amnesty for up to half the 12 million illegal immigrants in the U.S.


That political reality didn’t stop howls from the open-borders lobby, which hollered that 60,000 illegals would be shipped back home in the next two months.


“Tens of thousands of human beings are likely to be separated from their families between now and the election,” thundered Janet Murguia, president and CEO of the National Council of La Raza.


“Their suffering … should weigh on the consciences of each and every person responsible for this delay,” she railed. “I guarantee that the dreams they have shattered today will haunt them far into the future.”


Weigh on the consciences? Haunt? To hear her talk, it sounds as though the president is sending the illegals to the gates of Hell.


In reality, they are going back to El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico, the homelands of 77% of illegal immigrants now here in the U.S.


These are what the World Bank calls upper- and lower-middle-income countries, complete with roads, electricity, running water, schools, highly coveted free trade pacts with the U.S. and actual democracies.


And in Mexico’s case, at $7,000 per capita annual income, one of the highest living standards in the hemisphere. That’s hardly the gates of Hell.


Nor are they all that impoverished. Take a look at the designer logos on the shirts and purses of the incoming illegals in news photos — if you can’t look up stats showing that it’s the middle-income tiers of these societies heading for El Norte, the only people with the resources to pay $7,000 smuggling fees for illegal entry.


That’s about the same as the cost of immigrating legally, the way that 1 million immigrants choose to come to the U.S. each year. Any of the illegals can avail themselves of this process to become legal — with an added kick for Central Americans, who qualify for 5,000 extra “diversity” visas, a comical designation given the huge numbers of those immigrants already in the U.S.


But the president didn’t make those arguments to NBC’s Todd. This is pathetic, given that he’s the nation’s chief law enforcement officer. When it comes to amnesty, it seems that politics trumps reality.



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