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Arsenal Of Destruction: How Antigun Groups Seek To Destroy The Second Amendment

Posted 09/16/2014 3:49 pm by

There are forces at work today that seek to destroy our Bill of Rights.


They seek to destroy, in particular, Americans’ right to keep and bear arms under the Second Amendment. Globalist cabals, through their toadies, have, to date, designed, crafted and implemented close to two dozen major strategies to undermine Americans’ Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.


We refer to these strategies as the Arsenal of Destruction.


Although seemingly disconnected, the Arsenal of Destruction comprises a singular, cohesive program through which the globalist cabals, through the Government they control, seek to undermine and eventually sever the Second Amendment from the U.S. Constitution.


Much is at stake for Americans. If the Second Amendment falls, the other Nine Amendments most certainly will fall. For, the Second Amendment secures the other Nine Amendments. It is the binding glue that holds our Bill of Rights together.


Once the Bill of Right topples, the Republic is undone.


Many Americans don’t recognize this. Indeed, some Americans express no concern over this. For them the Second Amendment is an embarrassment – an artifact of an earlier time in our Nation’s history – a time when the import of the declaration – the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed – might have had significance but doesn’t any longer.  And, for a bizarre few Americans, the Second Amendment is more than an embarrassment – it’s a disgrace – an assertion of defiance to progress and to their notion of a civilized society. For still other Americans, the Second Amendment, and, for that matter, the remaining Nine, have no significance whatsoever. If they recall the Bill of Rights at all, the concept brings to mind an obscure question on tests once taken in grade school or high school, a lifetime ago.


These disturbing reactions aren’t accidental. They are emblematic of the success of the globalists’ Arsenal of Destruction. The Arsenal of Destruction is an insidious and clever plot to sever our ties to our own unique heritage – a heritage purchased through the blood and toil and sacrifice of our Forefathers; a heritage our Forefathers sought to preserve through ratification of our sacred Bill of Rights.


The Arsenal of Destruction, comprising close to two dozen strategies designed to undermine the Second Amendment has been meticulously designed, crafted and manufactured for especial use against Americans. These strategies are the latest in a line of attempts created at the behest of secretive forces both inside the U.S. and outside it to tear down the Second Amendment upon which the entirety of the Bill of Rights stands – upon which it obtains its true strength. By eroding the Bill of Rights, the bulwark of our Republic, the forces that seek a one World ruling body, hope to create homogeneity among all Western Nations. Once accomplished, the individual Nation States will vanish, and in time, the very notion of ‘Nation State’ will be consigned to memory and rendered nothing more than a historical oddity.


More and more Americans live in a perpetual state of doubt and fear. Americans look to Big Government to protect them. And that Government foments and preys upon Americans’ weaknesses. The price for this false reliance on Government is the loss of Americans’ salient rights and liberties.



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