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Sales of gas masks, bio-hazard suits and foil blankets soar as ‘survivalists’ prepare for Ebola epidemic – and warn others to store water

Posted 10/13/2014 1:01 pm by

  • Survivalists warned families would not cope if an epidemic happened now
  • Families ‘must take it upon themselves to prepare for worst in advance’ 
  • Experts advise avoiding all human contact and stocking up on supplies 
  • In worst case scenario flee to uncontaminated area with emergency kits


Stocking up on drinking water and avoiding all human contact are among steps that will have to be taken to avoid an Ebola epidemic, survivalists have warned.

To avoid contracting the deadly virus people will have to barricade themselves in their homes if the infection spreads, they say.

Their advice comes as sales of protective clothing and home infection control kits rise with an increasing number of people fearing the worst. 


In the event of an Ebola epidemic, survivalists have advised how to avoid becoming infected (above, health workers in Monrovia, Liberia)

Around 4,000 people have died after contracting Ebola which broke out in western Africa in March. 

While the threat of an epidemic in the UK remains low, experts have warned those who have a good chance of surviving an outbreak must prepare now before it is too late. 

One survivalist, known only as Steve, said among the ways to stay safe in the worst possible scenario is to avoid all human contact. 

‘If this virus were to really get hold it would expand exponentially and result in a very big mortality rate.


‘That being the case – the number one preventative method is to put as much distance between you and any infected person as possible.  

‘To have half a chance of surviving an epidemic you must be prepared for the worse, well before it actually hits us in bigger proportions.  

‘So the next precaution in being prepared for this outbreak is to treat everyone else as if they are infected.’ 

Wrap-around goggles are also being sold in higher numbers than before
Among the more popular items being sold in bulk are protective masks

Sales of protective goggles and masks have risen with many people in the UK and abroad clambering to buy emergency equipment

Full-body protective suits are being bought by hospitals and families
Bio-hazard waste disposal bags are also being stocked up
Full-body suits and bio-hazard waste disposal bags were being bought by hospitals in the UK in anticipation of a planned drill
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