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3 Things to Prepare When Climbing High Altitude Mountains

Posted 11/11/2014 4:22 pm by

 LhotseMountain.jos.500pixMountain climbing is fun but it can also be very dangerous when you do not prepare yourself physically and mentally. Mountaineers take pride whenever they have succeeded in climbing the most treacherous mountains they have in their country. They share their experiences and tell their stories with passion to their peers who haven’t climbed the mountains they have conquered.

However, climbing a mountain is very dangerous when in an unfortunate event that the area where you are trekking is experiencing a monsoon or extreme cold weather due to a typhoon. When this happens, it is very important that you keep yourself dry and try to prevent hypothermia to kick in to your body.


Hypothermia is a silent killer and there are many mountaineers who have died because of it. This is why when you are planning to climb a mountain, there are 3 things to prepare in order to keep you warm and prevent yourself from being a victim of this silent killer;


Prepare Leather, surgical gloves and bring 2 pairs of wool socks


The fingers and the toes are the first part of your body where you will feel cold. Protecting your fingers and toes will keep you warm and prevent hypothermia. Inserting surgical gloves after you have places your leather glove in your hands will ensure that your finger will be warm.

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