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What Does It Mean To Live Sustainable?

Posted 12/16/2014 7:18 pm by

SustainableworldIt’s happening on a global scale. It’s taking place in relationships, in occupation, in health, in spirituality and almost everything. Everything is moving towards sustainability because we have been in a position that is really unsustainable for a long time now. All the constructions that are busting down the world right now, the financial arrangements, the way money plays, and the way we care for the environment, and so on, all these structures that in front of our eyes are because they were never sustainable to begin with. So, what we need to do now is  shift towards sustainable living. Sustainable living is not some buzz work, it’s not like “Oh! I’m being sustainable because I purchased some green matter”, it’s richer than that.


So, what does sustainable living really mean? It signifies that whatever you’re experiencing on the planet & the people,  it will support seven generations beyond you. It is nearly 250 years beyond you. Straight off, look at what we practiced in the final 50 years alone, how we have laid waste to the planet, how we have socially disconnected from each other, how we’ve enslaved people & blown things up. In one generation only, we have caused a great deal of wrong. And so, are we living sustainable now? Clearly Not and those global problems are way too large to take on.


But yet there is a scale of the solution that you & we all can belong to. What’s really important is not to waste energy. Counting at the scale of “I can’t do anything about that, that’s horrible”, what you can do is very important.


Some of the things that you can do with sustainable living right now are:


Realizing that everything you do right now, at present will effect seven generations and beyond your present era. It needs to become your life policy.


Do not throw litter around. Throwing a cigarette out when you drive is non sustainable. Think about it logically. If there are billions of smokers on the planet, they all throw their cigarettes outside the car window once a day, all the chemicals and all the filters go into the ground, mother nature will not be proud of it. So, let’s try to help her out with these things. She’s been very decent to us, so why can’t we be gracious to her? We need to take lessons from the Japanese, when they walk by litter, they pick it up and as a result, their country is a lot cleaner than other countries.


Composting and recycling isn’t easy for a bunch of people, particularly if you dwell in an apartment. Instead of thrusting out your organic waste, you can compost it, let it rot and create new fertile ground.


At some point in your life you were told to contribute in recycling. The simple thing to do is to buy recycled products and then the waste generated from that can be recycled as well. You can significantly decrease the impact of the damage to the earth by doing small things to make it better. This is something we need to do to continue growing food for survival.


Do more walking than driving. Don’t use your car for every little thing, don’t take the car two blocks or wherever you go. Carbon footprints  must be reduced to better our earth for sustainable living.


These are only a few things you can do to better the planet for long term survival.


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