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Posted 01/05/2015 3:49 pm by



Minnesotans Warned Frostbite In Minutes…


Minnesotans awoke Monday to dangerous subzero temperatures, wind chill values that could cause frostbite in minutes, and a coming winter storm.


An arctic front moved into the state over the weekend, bringing with it extreme cold and bone-chilling winds. The National Weather Service issued a wind chill warning for the northern half of the state, and a wind chill advisory for the southern half. It expired at noon.


A handful of schools in northern Minnesota were delayed or closed Monday due to the extreme cold.


At 6 a.m., temperatures in the Twin Cities hovered around 10 below, while the mercury in northern Minnesota read 16 below in Bemidji and 28 below in International Falls.


Monday’s deep freeze was accompanied by light winds, creating wind chill factors of 25 below in the metro and 45 below in extreme northern Minnesota. Factors that cold can cause frostbite to exposed skin in 10 to 15 minutes.


Ski Resorts Close Because Too Cold…


Windchill readings ranging from 25 to 35 below zero “will continue today and tonight” for the Twin Cities area, and much of central and southeastern Minnesota, according to the National Weather Service.


Wind Chills 50 Below…


In addition to some snow and heavy rain, bitterly cold temperatures have begun moving into parts of the U.S. and will be staying put for at least part of this week.

Snow is possible across a 2,000-mile stretch of the U.S. and meteorologist Megan Glaros of CBS station WBBM says that millions of people will deal with brutally cold weather – with wind chills as low as 50 degrees below zero for part of the northern Plains.

Here are some questions and answers about the weather:


Postal Service asks for help…


With more snow expected to blanket the region during the next couple days, one seasonal tool is expected to make its return at homes and businesses – the shovel. To help letter carriers deliver mail for the holidays, the Postal Service is asking customers to clear snow and ice from sidewalks, stairs and mailboxes.


“Snow and ice make delivery dangerous and slow,” said A/Milwaukee Postmaster A.R. “Bob” Odell.  “Maintaining a clear path to the mail box – including steps, porches, walkways and street approach – will help letter carriers maintain consistent delivery service and help them get those cards and packages delivered in time for the holidays.”




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